Under the Confederacy


(1.)The Confederate States Of America will eliminate  Federal Income Taxes and replace it with state income taxes of no more than 5%-10%.

(2.)Property Taxes will be eliminated.

(3.)Abortion will be illegal under the CSA.

(4.)Homosexuality will be illegal in the CSA.

(5.)Gun permits will be eliminated under the CSA.

(6.)Death penalty for rapist,child molesters,pediphiles,premeditated murder,kidnapping.

(7.)Mariuana will be legal in all states.

(8.)Drugs such as meth and crack etc will be illegal.



the new confederacy


The Communist states of america will go down eventualy,they turned there backs on God a long time ago with there pediphile kidnapping and abortion and homosexuality to confiscation of guns leads to 1 thing.A tyrannical government.

The CFA will bring about the New Confederate States Of America.We are not sessionist we are  the world wide Confederacy because the whole world is on fire and the main enemy of freedom is the NWO and we will bring about its destruction .