The Confederate Forces Of America(CFA) also referred to as the CSA was founded in 1861 as the Confederate States Army And Navy.Immediatly after 1865 the Confederate States Of America/Confederate States Government was put under the care and protection of the Confederate Forces Of America and reformed into the official Confederate States Of America and Confederate States Army.


Lies about a so called provisional government called CSA 2 is lies there is no New Confederate Army or New Confederate  States Of America because the Confederate States government reformed and put under the care of the Confederate Forces Of America founded in 1861.


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 The propaganda they call history books brainwashes kids into thinking the Confederacy fought to preserve slavery and slavery was the cause of the war.That is absolutly false,the southern states of america broke away from the United States and formed the Confederate States Of America completly authorized under the 2nd Amendment and the declaration of independence.The southern states was overtaxed and broke away just like the 1st original patriots  of 1776 that broke away from england.The Confederacy recruited black people and white people and black people served in the Confederate States Army.Confederate Generals was against slavery and Confederate Recruiters didnt recruit black people and say fight for the Confederacy to preserve slavery.Had they said that or fought for that reason no black person or white person in the southern states would have joined the Confederacy.So these are the facts that cant be ignored  but they behieve in the propaganda and attack our history and heritage.They formed Antifa and Black Lives Matter the terrorist organizations with the sole purpase of erasing history and harm Confederates Nationwide.The CFA/CSA purpase is to protect the monuments and graves of the Confederacy and our brothers and sisters of the Confederacy from harm.

 General Mark Davis  TCA/CFA/CSA National Recruiter




 The Confederate States Army(CFA/CSA) is a freedom force we are christians and this is a christan nation.Homosexuality and abortion is an abomination of God.Those who attack our people and our monuments are enemies of the Confederacy.We defend heritage and history of the Confederacy   We protect the right of a well regulated militia,being necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.We enforce this policy.We stand against communist forces(antifa) and Gay and black lives matter/black panthers terrorist organizations. 


Why Join The Confederate States Army?

Because we are christians and dying overseas to protect abortion and gay marriage isnt worth it.Our verry freedom is at stake we can give you a dozen of reasons to join the Confederate States Army,come join us.




The real confederate is on the right